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1320 East Washington Street
Louisville, KY 40206


Studio NuLu
1320 East Washington Street
Louisville, KY 40206
For rental inquiries, email info@studionulu.com or call (502) 523-3398.

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Our Portfolio

Photography Services
We can recommend a professional commercial photographer for your project. Just give us a call or email us.

Our Portfolio

Studio NuLu’s portfolio includes a wide range of media projects, including commercials, product shots, kitchen demonstrations, and food photography.
Have a look at some of our work.

Birthday cake margarita with sprinkles, a sparkler, and a wrapped gift Tumbleweed Burrito, Margarita and Corn Cob Slices Tumbleweed Chicken Poblano Burrito Smiling woman cutting tomatoes Young girl smiling on couch Couple smiling in kitchen Tumbleweed Bean Burrito Tim Mclendon sitting at a desk, confused Two women sitting opposite each other Tumbleweed Chips, Salsa, and Margaritas Black and white courtyard wedding Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Bottle Product Photography Tumbleweed En Fuego Burger Food Photography Woman holding Relax Pink Wine Product Photography Steakhouse Buffalo Chicken Tender Basket Food Photography Steakhouse Sirloin Food Photography Relax Riesling Wine Product Photography Tumbleweed Queso Taste Test Tumbleweed Margarita Challenge